Be careful to wear snow boots long foot injury

Warm fake uggs for sale snow boots become a hot commodity , however , orthopedic doctors advise , snow boots material soft, flat soles , no heel, not suitable for long wear . The number of poor quality , easily deformed snow boots, even to “arm’s length .”

Bone and joint director of People’s Hospital , said Colin , cheap snow sole is flat, the human foot has an arch , is on a plane , belonging to the foot tension , a long time plantar fasciitis will produce . Running shoes, the bottom of shoes or sneakers in general should have a bow . Wear normal shoes to walk two hours , we recommend that you take a break, so do not wear snow boots up more than two hours .

One expert said Beiyisanyuan , snow boots for everyone ‘s name is somewhat misleading , I thought I could wear walking in the snow , in fact, on the contrary, because of the rugged snow-covered ground is not easy to see , so wear snow boots Walking in this way , the foot more prone to injury . Flat snow boots for blackmailed and will not have much impact, but would foot the fascia and soft tissue caused some damage , but the inside is very soft snow boots, wool , mostly high-top , ankle did not quite good protection and is not recommended for a long time to wear such shoes walking , or wearing some of the more rugged path to go . In addition, many women find that after purchase , snow boots really warm when worn out sooner or later , but one foot into the office would ” Sweating ” unbearably hot . Experts said a more general snow boots really warm winter boots , warm but once over , is not only a problem of the foot, who will appear upset, irritable and other issues. Dermatologist said feet long in hot and humid environment , likely to cause fungal infections, produce beriberi . Suggested that women can prepare a pair of breathable shoes in the office , to improve the environment feet .

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UGG Snow boots cost price

80 replica uggs cost less, basically suede + artificial / synthetic hair. This price shoes what grade you can imagine. A winter live together , but go. Wearing basically no warmth at all.

The second category :

80-100 yuan cost , usually two-story leather + synthetic hair , fake hair belonging to the dermis , because it is leather , so the texture looks OK, but fake hair , put feet will smell oh ! These shoes cost dozens of blocks , but are usually sold to more than 100 .

The third category:

100-130 yuan cost is generally cowhide + blended wool , leather, half real hair , is on the outside leather, shoes tube half wool , next to the foot of the part of all is fake fur, usually can not see the MM . So stop dreaming must be more than 200 fur UGG .

The fourth category:

130-200 yuan cost , leather + pure wool , leather, real hair , but not wool and fur wool wool match. Such shoes , if it is a large factory work , then the quality should be good , the layman and basically can not see the difference between fur , leather really belongs hair, but still can not foot feeling and comfort and authentic shoes par.

Fifth category :

200-300 yuan cost is basically broken fur , after completing the whole sheep production more than expected , a large difference, big difference between wool cortex bad if vamp color too , can be broken fur production . Will produce severe color to wear one week later, and may possibly have terrible chemical dyes Oh !

Class 6:

Teanau real fur snow boots usually cost more than $ 300, generally used to make the whole fur , color smaller , more consistent quality wool .

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Men’s snow boots buying guide

Men’s fake uggs boots carefully compiled some questions and answers we are most concerned to facilitate the purchase men’s snow boots.

Men can wear snow boots ? If you wear snow boots how to match?

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Men snow boots

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Men’s snow boots with a difference what Ms.

There is no big difference, are sheepskin boots ! ! ! … Man, woman to talk about it Well , this is different … it almost makes no difference , size Bale … Men are men wearing snow boots , ladies snow …

Where to sell men’s snow boots

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Men’s snow boots dress with problems

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Men’s snow boots where to sell ? How much ?

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Men’s snow boots where to sell online

Some smart home , big fur to 44 yards there . Qiao family friends also buy UGG boots , there is time to look at it, there is no loss of surprise thing . Hehe. I have been careful, Thank you for coming over . Want ID: Qiao Qiao not …

Men Ugg boots sale where it ?

Men’s snow boots Taobao Mall is definitely on a beautiful landscape , yesterday I was still aukoala Australian Koala Taobao Mall saw their sales of men’s boots in the snow it

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